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Getting Results at Career Fairs

Depending on the event, a career fair can have 20 to over 200 companies and 500-2500 students attending. The key to success at a career fair is being prepared. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of your career fair experience. View the PDF of Quick Tips and Event Prep Worksheet.

Research, Research, Research.

Look at the companies attending and pick your top 5-10 to visit while at the fair and learn more about the company, opportunities, and think about how your skills fit with their needs.

To see the companies attending: Go to our website at–>Career Fairs–>Click Event Name–>See Who’s Attending–>Click on the organization name

Attend a Career Fair Prep Session

Go to our Career Fairs page and select the fair that interests you. Then click on the Student Information page. On that page you can click on the Participating Employers link to learn more about who's attending. 

Update your Resume 

Your resume is your application and the outline of an interview.

  • Make sure your information is accurate, updated, and reflects your skills and achievements, and that you are familiar with what is on it. Need help? Make an appointment with a Career Advisor
  • Check Handshake  for upcoming resume workshops and employer-sponsored resume critiquing sessions
  • Check out Resume help online

Practice (Mock) Interview

Visit Handshake and search events and/or make an advising appointment to learn about upcoming practice interview opportunities

Decide What to Wear

Always dress to impress at the fair – a suit or your nicest professional attire is the way to go!

Not ready to look for internships or full time jobs yet? It’s still a good idea to come to check out the different events. Freshman and sophomores can learn a lot from observing or volunteering at the fair and seeing what it’s all about. Learn more about becoming an Ambassador!