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Destination Survey

Administered annually by the MSU Career Services Network, the Destination Survey attempts to document the post-graduate outcomes of MSU students who received a bachelors degree during the spring and summer semesters, offering a snapshot of their progress during the initial transition out of college.

webpage with MSU infographic

(Spartan Success story highlights 2014 Destination Survey)

Complete 2015 Destination Survey

Methodology and Highlights 2015

MSU wide – All Colleges Information

All Colleges Comparison 2009-2015

All Colleges Appendix: Graduate Schools; Employers; Job Titles

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Destination Survey Report 

College of Arts and Letters: Destination Survey Report 

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities: Destination Survey Report 

College of Business: Destination Survey Report 

College of Communication Arts and Sciences: Destination Survey Report

College of Education: Destination Survey Report 

College of Engineering: Destination Survey Report 

Honors College: Destination Survey Report 

School of Hospitality Business: Destination Survey Report 

James Madison College: Destination Survey Report 

Lyman Briggs College: Destination Survey Report 

College of Music: Destination Survey Report 

College of Natural Science: Destination Survey Report 

College of Nursing: Destination Survey Report 

College of Social Science: Destination Survey Report 

Teacher Certification: Destination Survey Report